Using the FREE theme Tempera

Which WordPress theme should I use?

When selecting which WordPress theme to use, you want to make the site look individual so you want a theme that allows you to customise it easily. There are lots of paid themes that allow this like Divi and X-theme but maybe you don’t have the budget for those kind of costs.

I often use a FREE theme called Tempera (although I do make donations). It has so much flexibility that is very easy to use like; font colours, sizes, sliding banners, layouts with and without side bars. You can have a presentation page, a static front page or posts page as your landing page. These a few examples of how I have used it. Some of my clients have gone on to make their own changes as it is so easy to alter.

This is a very simple use, a static front page, no banner, few changes to the default colour scheme

This client wanted a predominate blue theme, with a static home pages

This client wanted a white background, again a static home page

Another static home page but with a banner and plenty of images on the home page

This client also want a very plain and simple static home page with no images at all

This client (ME!) wanted to use the presentation page option. Sliding banners with text, selected posts is one position, latest posts in another, no side bar

This client wanted a duo page as she writes in two genres and two names. The layout is 2 side bars on left and right side/ Blog posts appear on the home page, a pinned post allows the newsletter sign up to appear at the top. Each category of book appears in its own side bar.

I am very pleased with this site as it took us a while (97 books) but I got inside her head and picked the perfect colour scheme. She supplied the banner. In the right hand side bar there are pictures which link to different genres of book. The other side bar has a newsletter sign up, bio and in the center we have blog posts.

Now this client has taken over her site. she does her own banners and colour scheme now.

This is a corporate client who supplied the pictures and the banner, they always use that shade of yellow.  it is a static home page with no side bar.

In this one I have made use of the footer to display her books so on every page the books appear. When she has more books then we will use a revolving carousel slider. It is a static front page

This is another one I am rather proud of, I love the colours.  The client sent me a variety of pictures and I used some on the site and one on the banner.

With this site the client decided to buy stock photos which I chose, He also paid for a logo to be designed. Static home page with separate blog posts and a side bar


Another corporate client. this time we used the presentation page option. Client supplied pictures. The three special category posts are the area of the their business and the other posts are specific topics

Another static page option. client supplied banner and I copied the colour to use as the background.


So one theme but many many variations. Here is a link to their demo page

BTW their support is brilliant too, I had a problem once and they sorted it quickly and in a friendly manner


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