Transform your website

My client hadnt got a lot of money to spend but wanted to improve her website. In just four hours I transformed this

Irene Old

Old tired website


into this. I could have done lots more(my own home page is an example) but she had a very limited budget.

Irene New

New Improved Website

These were all the improvements I made in those 4 hours, yes just 4 hours

  • Removed unused themes
  • Removed old revisions
  • Updated plugins and theme
  • Put up a background image
  • Installed Wordfence security
  • Created a blog posts page
  • Created a menu structure, giving sub menus
  • Added two pages to handle that structure Books and Author Tips
  • Made pages and posts have names
  • Changed the site tag line to Author and Writer|DC Comics|Marvel Comics for SEO
  • Put a header image up, took it from your Facebook page. If you want to get a proper one it should 954 x 191 pixels
  • Made your pages have a heading for SEO purposes
  • Made the page titles have consistent capitalisation
  • Removed the duplicate category comics and recategorised those 5 posts
  • Created a new category books
  • Categorised uncategorised posts
  • Added an email link on your contact page
  • Tidied up your widgets and put the mail chimp signup at the top
  • Added Amazon links where appropriate, pulled in Amazon content where there was none
  • There are two Crisis at Comicon pages. You need to delete one
  • Put book buttons on Russia Tsars, if you have others where buttons are appropriate we can add them. Let me know
  • Provided instructions to connect to social media

If you need help with your website please email me and lets work on it together


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