Transferring your website to another hosting company.

Web HostingCheck list for a website transfer

Firstly these pointers are only for Siteground because I just dont recommend another host.

I have had experiences with several hosting companies GoDaddy  HostPapa  Justhost  Siteground SmartAcre  Bluehost A lot are fine until you get a problem. At that point Siteground wins hands down,

42 of my client sites are on Siteground. Often this happens because we hit a problem and the customer service is such crap, the prices are so expensive(compare one client $830 v $285) and the reliablity is awful. So I recommend a transfer.

Having done a few now, this is my check list.

  1. You need the url, username and password of
    1. The registrar
    2. The old hosting company
    3. New Siteground account
  2. Client buys hosting on Siteground. I always get my client to buy the account. I like them to have control and not to be held hostage. Then they get reminders and control renewals
  3. Client sends me the Siteground account confirmation which contains the DNS
  4. Obtain the old hosting details url, username and password and cpanel(or equivalent) details
  5. Raise a website transfer from Siteground
  6. Set up any emails or redirections
  7. Use and check current DNS
  8. On completion of transfer change the DNS records on the registrar account
  9. Use to check propogation of the new DNS

You can leave the domain with the current registrar but I prefer to move that also

  1.  On the registrar account
    1. Remove privacy settings
    2. Unlock
    3. Request the EPP code
  2. You must have access to the email address associated with the domain if you need to change it be aware that some registrars will then lock the domain for 60 days
  3. Buy the domain transfer from Siteground
  4. Submit a domain transfer request
  5. The client will have to confirm several times ICAN, the registrar, Siteground will all send emails and they must be responded to. They might also ask for the authorisation code (EPP)

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