The ripples of being helpful

A Killing at El KabI am massively interested in Egyptology and subscribe to a list(EEF) that hosts enquiries and information. Ages ago someone posted a question which I was able to answer. It was actually an author researching a fiction book and I was able to help with some other questions.

She also got help from a dig director who invited her to visit their dig house which is reputed to have a ghost. It was quite a task to get permission but he managed it. She decided to come to Egypt to take advantage of this opportunity and to stay in my holiday apartments in Luxor and take a brief few days at the dig house at El Kab. That was a great result to get a booking during these times of few tourists.

While she was here she mentioned she had problems with her website and I offered to help her get it sorted. Another result, some much needed alternative income stream.

To say she was happy with the result is to totally understate things, she posts on social media and mentions me in author forums and conferences. As a consequence I have done work for over half a dozen US authors, my latest has to be the most remote client ever,  being based in Hawaii with me in Egypt.

BTW the published book A Killing at El Kab by Janis Susan May Patterson, not only mentions me in the credits, but I am (very briefly) in the story too!

Never under estimate the ripples being helpful can bring.

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