The Blood Sugar Diet and Carbs

Since coming back to the UK I have been able to devote a lot more time and effort to my health.

Without any guidance I tried to go low carb and that had a dramatic effect. Carbs are rice, bread, potatoes, pasta and if you are a diabetic like me then these get converted to sugar. Your poor body can not cope.

When I left Egypt I was taking 24-28 Humanlog before every meal and 40 Lantus. I started reducing my insulin when I started getting hypos. The diabetic nurse recommending testing more often. I was getting high blood sugars but these plummeted.

I read that the MHS were recommending an 800 calorie a day diet from a BBC news report. I was very attracted by the idea. Then I found out the I got the book and watched videos and the science convinced me.

I went to see my diabetic nurse to discuss going on this diet and she was massively in favour and supportive. One of the doctors in the practise wants everyone to try it. So we start. She recommends a more drastic reduction of insulin to stop the occasional hypo I am getting. So now I am down 4 before meals and 24 at night.

Her goal is to get me off insulin in 6 months. That would be an amazing result.

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  1. Jane, that is wonderful news. Health is so important, and you deserve to be well and active. Keep it up!

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