Eleanor Sullivan – Author

eleanor-sullivanJane Akshar very quickly discovered many problems with my website that previous webmasters had missed and, even better, she fixed all the problems immediately. In fact, she searched out every book I had ever written in the past 25 years and added them to my website. Then she fixed my facebook author page! Now, she’s in the process of updating new content that I sent her. In summary, she is professional, personable, and the most competent webmaster I’ve ever worked with. If you are an author and want the best help with your website, blog, or social media, you couldn’t do better than hiring Jane Akshar.



In a private email she told me

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful! I see why your clients rave about you!

I’m amazed with what you’ve done with facebook.

I’m amazed at how you categorized my blogs.


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