The Tao of the Unbreakable Man – Manny Wolfe

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A few weeks ago Colette Mason, who is a publisher, asked me to be a beta reader for a book one of her clients had written. She told me he was a motivational speaker and self guru – mega yawn there are hundreds of them. Then she told me he was ex cult, now that made it a bit more interesting. So she sent it to me and I started to read it. I thought I would do an hour or two.

No way, I was entirely hooked, emails went by the board, phones unanswered I didn’t even stop to eat or get a cup of tea. (I did have go to the loo, I am diabetic lol). That was it for the next 7 hours. Thank God I am a fast reader. To say the book was enthralling, intense, amazing etc is to completely underestimate its affect.

Ages ago I bought the book A Child called IT in my lunch break at work and started reading it Big mistake I had to keep snucking off to the loo to read more. This was the same kind of book. So that is why I am promoting it because 1) it is only 0.99 USD on Kindle  2) I think all my friends will have the same reaction

Dont take my word, read a sample chapter  The Tao of The Unbreakable Man – Sample Chapter

13668980_10208207575722117_729434646749179577_nI connected with Manny on Facebook and he is just an incredibly down to earth guy, no front, no ego and I told him I would buy a copy when I was in the UK on Monday and this would be my review.

When you get this book don’t read it, wait until you have time because if you are anything like me you will not be able to put it down. I put my entire life on hold once I started it. The most intense book I have ever read in decades. Along the lines of a Child called It but frankly far more intense. I read it 7 hours flat and parts made me laugh. A lot made me swear. Some brought tears to my eyes. His life experiences are truly exceptional, it is hard not to use clichés, like you will be blown away, for once they are deserved but they seem so inadequate. A truly amazing and exceptional human being telling a truly amazing and exceptional story. Please do not miss this

Get it on Amazon,com  or It is already number one


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