The saga of Irina Kulikova has finally come to an end

The saga of Irina Kulikova has finally come to an end

We hope!

As I blogged back here  this lady Irina Kulikova had been scammed and kept on blaming Mahmoud as being part of a gang. She has taken him to court several times and has lost every time because the judge throws it out as there is no proof.  Today both he and his elderly uncle had been accused by her of trying to kill her. The judge took one look and dismissed the case immediately. Normally they wait and give the judgement in a couple of months but this woman is so well known to them they just don’t even need to think about it. She is in the court house almost every day (literally every day) accusing someone of something and has a terrible reputation with the court staff and judges. At the beginning I was sorry for her. Being scammed by someone is awful but with no proof there was little she could do. But now she is just a trouble maker accusing all in sundry of anything. I think she has become mentally deranged and really wish she would go home and get treatment and stop hassling everyone. Just because we are related to her boyfriend doesn’t mean we can do anything. In fact it would be hard to find anyone in Gezera we are not related too. Some are good men and some like this boyfriend are bad men.

This is the blog post from 2013

Not Guilty – Jane Akshar & Mahmoud Jahlan

Nile Valley Hotel and Flats in Luxor are aware of the accusations by Irina Kulikova aka Linda Wheeler, Helen Wilson, Maat, Eurydice (she uses loads of names on the internet) and completely refute them. This is a sad story of a middle aged woman leaving her brain at the airport and getting involved with a much younger man who takes her money. It is sadly common and we recommend any lady in a similar situation not to hand over money without paper work. We, Nile Valley Hotel (Hamada and Karin Khalifa) and Flats in Luxor (Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan), are being dragged into it because her toy boy sold the property on to us. However as confirmed by the Luxor Courts it is nothing to do with us. Both the courts and her Embassy have advised her to drop her activities as without supporting paperwork she cannot get her money back. This case seems to have affected her mental judgement, she has been seen stripping off in a drunken state just to cause trouble. We are very sorry for her but it is nothing to do with us, we bought the property in good faith with supporting paper work and did not know of her existence until after the event. Anyone who wants to check the facts can do so at Luxor Law Courts.


Jane Akshar & Mahmoud Jahlan – Flats in Luxor

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