Every year I do the visa run to the uk. If you have to leave you might as well see family. And every year my daughter nags me about my health. I haven’t had an annual diabetic check for years. My back problems have not even been diagnosed. I went deaf in one ear. I have had cellulitis. My medication (high blood pressure, cholesterol) has not reviewed since I came here etc etc etc. You probably noticed I have been having issues recently with falls as well.

So this year I agree to see a Dr. Well that was an eye opener. The Dr was horrified(really sweet though) and has insisted I stay in the UK and get all these issues properly looked at and resolved. This could take months. I am apparently a medical emergency. FML

Daughter is leaving to move to Turkey to be with her husband. She never succeeded in getting him a visa to come to the uk. So she is not going to be a refuge for me.

It looks like I am staying in the UK, I must admit I am enjoying it much more than I expected. I can get out and about so much more easily. The doctor has pointed out the improvements in my health and well being and I am still waiting for referrals, hearing, back, etc. Her professional opinion is I should stay in the UK both to get all these referrals sorted (back being the prime one) and because my health will deteriorate again if I return to Luxor. Add to that the nagging of my daughter, God, children are a pain. So I am going to stay. The back referral has a waiting list of 34 weeks

Mahmoud and I haven’t been a couple since 2014, just business partners (his decision not mine sadly) so that is not an issue. He is running the business no problems. Reviews since I left have been excellent

I had a brilliant time in Egypt, saw loads and loads of things I never expected. Made a success of my life there (the business, books, my blog, disabled access) but everything comes to an end. With decreasing mobility and poor health I have got to make that a priority.

I am going to take life a bit easy now, I think I deserve it.

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  1. Hello Jane,

    On one of the few times that I log into LinkedIn I came across your message and this post.

    It’s nice to get an update from / about you, and Egypt sounds like it was a real adventure.

    I am currently in Hampshire, but life is always changing….

    Where are you living now?

    Drop me a message if you like.

    Best regards, Simon Throup

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