Picking a WordPress Theme

First define the purpose of the website, do you want to sell online, inform or show case. Do you want a members site, forums or a one page wonder. Remember if your aim is to get in the search engines, it is not look and feel that matter but content. But above all else get a Responsive theme or you get penalised by Google. A Responsive theme is one that finds out what sort of device it is being displayed on and adjusts the display accordingly. A non-responsive site is this one http://www.paranormal.org.uk/mustardland/viewforum.php?f=1. It is a forum for Archers fans, yes I am a member, I love the Archers. If I look at that website on my phone it is tiny and you have to magnify and scroll backwards and forwards to read it. You don’t want that kind of problem on your website. A Responsive theme takes care of that for you.


A sophisticated site to showcase products

Next you have to decide whether you want features like sliding headers, side bars, static front page, widgets, portfolios in the footer. If all that is Greek to you, then you need me to build it for you. Contact me


A simple site to display paintings by category using shortcodes


A business professional site






Then you start searching. If you are an author who wants to sell, use Google and search on terms like “responsive wordpress theme ecommerce books” often you will get articles or reviews like Top 20 author themes. Then you can choose one you like the look of. You don’t want to choose one with few downloads, the authors aren’t going to maintain or support it. If you are new to WordPress having support can be vital.


Hope that helps Emmet 🙂

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