Nile Magazine publishes Accessible Egypt and we have results!

Two steps forward with this great article from Nile Magazine which has obviously had a great effect 4 Nile Magazine because one of my Facebook friends Mohamed A Famy spotted this at Karnak temple. I wish I could have had an input input the aesthetics of work in a historic site but the important thing is there are results. Disabled people are going to have access

Aug 2016 I bring a mobility scooter back from the UK and start doing site visits
Oct 2016 First paper produced and present to Minister and Governor at confernece
Apr 2017 Email Response from Ministry
May 2017 Site Visit with men from Ministry
Jul 2017 Proposal produced with Joanne Stables
Jul 2017 Meeting with Helm
Jan 2018 News reports improvement planned at Karnak and Luxor
Feb 2018 Evidence of improvements

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