New Consultancy Recommendation on LinkedIn

I just got the most wonderful recommendation for my new role as IM Consultant  “Working with Jane has been a great experience, we have worked together on client projects and on my own personal project in which she displayed a great understanding of what was required and contributed much valuable input. She is very efficient and focused person, she has many talents and always brings her knowledge and passion to whatever she is working on. She is incredible value for the Egyptian rates she charges!” it has now been added to my LinkedIn profile.

It has been a challenge going back into the client workplace but actually a very enjoyable challenge. Firstly I do like being busy and with tourism so quiet that has been missing. I even did loads of MOOCs just to keep from dying of boredom but I need money.

The Egyptian flats don’t bring enough to cover the outgoings especially the new property tax, ouch! So what could I do.

Back in the day, the early 80’s to be exact I worked for a company called CMG. It was a very work hard, play hard company and boy did you have to work hard to survive. But they rewarded you. One year my salary jumped from 8k to 12k, I really thrived there.

Jump forward and I left CMG, they got taken over and the name has now disappeared. But us ex CMGers had a nostalgia for our time there and a mailing list was set up. One of its functions was to tout for work. On the basis if you managed to survive CMG you could take on anything and we knew each others work quality. So I sent out a request for work.

John Sharp who maintains the list commented “Please see below a mail from Jane, who I remember joining CMG with the excellent (and very sociable) Incomputer crowd in about June or July 1981.  Given this morning’s judgement in Cairo, I suspect that the only work you should not be offering Jane is anything to do with journalism.

Good luck Jane”

And my email said

“John I would appreciate you putting this out for me, things are pretty desperate at the moment  so I am prepared to take on anything legal (ish).

Hi blast from the past here. I worked for CMG in the early 80’s as Jane Bird. I actually moved to Egypt over 10 years ago and run a tourism business, a bit of a bad choice at the moment. Hence my request for contract work.

I am looking for any kind of work I can do remotely. I can test anything on the planet, do pretty much anything connected with a small business. My last UK contracts were as a test analyst with BZW and CSFB. I do all my own WordPress websites, SEO, marketing, blogging, social media, designed my client database. I have even done consultancy work in Egypt with websites and social media.

I am cheap as I am located in Egypt, I don’t mind anything short term or very temporary. Sickness cover, maternity leave etc. or part time/weekend work.

My CV is here

I got 2 replies and one was ideal, ad hoc work for a small business helping them with their website and blog as well as accountancy work. No way could I do the accountancy stuff, I have not got the qualifications or that kind of detail orientated brain but I had a friend in Luxor, Val Warner. Not only did she want work she is a qualified accounts person. Perfect!

Then I had to set a rate, what a nightmare. Obviously they weren’t going to pay the rate I used to get £640 a day when I was at CSFB, my last full time contract. Part of the attraction was paying Egyptian rates. I tried to imagine what I would get these days, the fact that Egypt is much cheaper to live in than the UK.

So I have been working for them since June and it has been great fun, learnt loads about screen printing too. Mostly I write the blog but I have done loads of other marketing for them producing videos, updating their eBay shop, creating new websites, editing copy to be more client focused. All sorts. That led me to meet Emily who supplies their graphics, we had to work together and she liked what she saw, she asked if I could build a website for her father in law. It took me 7 hours to build so she was happy not to pay a lot and I enjoyed doing it. I built it in WordPress and the theme designer was so impressed he put it on his website as an example of what you can do with the theme.  So everyone was happy.

I am hoping to do more of this kind of work, it fits in with my other activities and of course my main business Flats in Luxor so if you want a helping hand from a long term UK IT professional at Egyptian rates contact me.

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