My cousin The Queen

A long while ago one of my family, a distant cousin who also researches family trees said she thought she had found a link between our family and Queen Catherine Parr 6th wife of Henry VIII. I was digging around on Ancestory tonight and found some other people who had researched the line and it is true! Queen Catherine is my 1st cousin 15x removed. You may all bow.

Lady Catherine Parr, Queen Consort of England, Queen Regent of England (1512 – 1548)
is your 1st cousin 15x removed
William Parr (1434 – 1484)
father of Lady Catherine Parr, Queen Consort of England, Queen Regent of England
Thomas Parr (1411 – 1464)
father of William Parr
AGNES PARR (1443 – 1490)
daughter of Thomas Parr
Sir Walter Strickland (1464 – 1506)
Walter Strickland (1497 – 1528)
son of Sir Walter Strickland
Walter Strickland (1516 – 1569)
son of Walter Strickland
Sir Thomas Strickland (1554 – 1612)
son of Walter Strickland
sir thomas strickland (1596 – 1670)
son of Sir Thomas Strickland
thomas strickland (1634 – )
son of sir thomas strickland
miles strickland (1662 – 1711)
son of thomas strickland
Thomas Strickland (1708 – )
son of miles strickland
John Strickland (1744 – 1823)
son of Thomas Strickland
Annabella Strickland (1774 – 1816)
daughter of John Strickland
George Strickland Leviston (1803 – 1884)
son of Annabella Strickland
Mary Ann Leviston (1838 – 1926)
daughter of George Strickland Leviston
Annie Lindsay (1881 – 1938)
daughter of Mary Ann Leviston
Fanny Lindsay (1903 – 1982)
daughter of Annie Lindsay
Alexander Lindsay Anthon (1925 – 2008)
son of Fanny Lindsay
Jane Anthon
You are the daughter of Alexander Lindsay Anthon

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