Jane’s Jaunt!

Jane's JauntJane’s Jaunt – Living in Luxor the Early Days

10 years ago Jane Akshar embarked on a great adventure, emigrating to Luxor, Egypt. For the first year she kept a diary online to let reassure friends and family and let them know how she was getting on. Read how she copes with the very different life in rural Egypt with its unique culture and traditions, starting a new business and career, adapting to the life and marriage to a Muslim Egyptian and being a co-wife.

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Hi Jane, I just had to write to say that today I purchased your kindle book about your first year in Luxor and absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a few hours – it was that good I hope you write another one to keep us all updated! I come to Egypt regularly either to Hurghada or Luxor and hope to meet you on one of my trips. Thanks for giving me such a nice day.

I downloaded ‘Jane’s Jaunt’ last night – couldn’t put it down, but had to reluctantly when I realised it was the early hours of the morning!

I could get a ‘feeling sense’ of the typing up of your diary whilst off-line, without all the bits & bobs we take for granted and juggling so much else, then a quick trip to the internet cafe to be able to upload it. Just finding it so fascinating to read about your experiences from the start and have found myself imagining doing the same (have done many times actually!) my youngest is 10 and I keep looking at her and wondering how it would all be (ha ha you’re so courageous!) ”

first year living in Luxor 20 Aug 2013

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I loved this book! Everything about it, all the ups and downs of building and living in Luxor (west bank) After visiting luxor in 2011 and meeting Jane in person I just had to download this book onto my Kindle. It has reminded me of all the things I LOVE about Luxor; the friendly people, the tea, the delicious food – mmmm Egyptian bread is to die for and last but not least the wonderful sights, the tours that Jane organised for us. Our fabulous Egyptologist who called us “my family” and was fabulous with our children. Our driver who was lovely and patient – I just cannot describe how wondeful Jane Akshar and her staff are.
This book takes you there – in your minds eye, but to fully appreciate everything you just have to go to Luxor. Just do it!

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