Grandfather Father Son

“But the temples are all the same! Aren’t they?”

Wondering what else to visit in Luxor and puzzled about the various temples. Jane Akshar unlocks the mysteries of Luxor’s Ancient Egyptian temples.

In simple, easy to understand language she shows you how to understand, appreciate and even love these historic places Giving full details of the historical background, the purpose of a temple, cult versus mortuary and structure of the temple complex.

She then delves into the very personality of three very different but related pharaohs the pious grandfather Seti, the father Ramses the Great and the son Merenptah who is linked with the Exodus. Get deep down and personal with the three greats of Egypt’s 19th Dynasty.

Grandfather, Father, Son – Unlocking the secrets of Ancient Egyptian temples. Buy it now on this website direct from the author


A brief preview

Contents include

Historical Background

    1. Ramses I
    2. Seti I
    3. Ramses II
    4. Merenptah
    5. Pharaoh of the Exodus

Purpose of Temple

  1. Rituals and Feasts
  2. Temples of Millions of Years


  1. Size Matters
  2. Temple Design
  3. Shrines
  4. Magazines
  5. Temple Palaces
  6. Sacred Lakes
  7. Colossal Statue
  8. Battle of Kadesh

Visiting Today

  1. Seti I
  2. The Ramasseum
  3. Merenptah


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An excellent guide to the mortuary temples (or Temples of a Million of Years) of Seti I, Ramesses II and Merenptah at Luxor with an enlightening scholarly summary of the background of the three Pharaohs and discussion of the reasons for the differences between their three temples. – CS

A wonderfully concise and easy to read analysis of the three temples and the Pharaohs who built them. It is well written and researched and is a great addition to my Egyptology library. I recommend that it be taken along on a trip to Luxor because its small size would make it easy to carry and use as a reference guide. WR

My PDF version is fine, the pictures are great and I have enjoyed reading it. Your personal comments about different things certainly bring it to life. Congratulations on a very good book and addition to my collection of your books. By the way is there a hint that you will be writing about Hatshepsut next? – SM

It’s very interesting and the style is easy to read very impressed – RM

Great reading and was useful when i was visiting Luxor  – TH

Wonderful – BH


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