6 Egyptology Essays

6 Egyptology Essays

During my time on the Manchester Certificate in Egyptology I had to write 6 essays.

Essays that go into depth on Death and Burials, Art, Hatshepsut, Temples, Sea Peoples and the Saites.

This book includes full bibliographies so you can do further reading.

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Death and Burials

  • How did the Ancient Egyptians get buried?
  • What is the difference between the burials of kings, nobles and commoner?
  • Why did pyramids evolve?
  • What is a standard funerary complex?

Art and Symbolism

  • Why did the Ancient Egyptians draw people in that unique style?
  • How much magic did they believe in?
  • Is there a standard scale?
  • What is a good example tomb?


  • What did she do?
  • How successful was she?
  • How you judge success?
  • What did she build?


  • What is a mortuary temple?
  • Why is it different from a cult temple?
  • What was the purpose of a temple?
  • List some examples of the temples

The Sea Peoples

  • Who were the Sea Peoples?
  • What impact did they and the Libyans have on Egypt?
  • What caused the collapse of the empire?

The Late Period Renaissance

  • The art of the Black Pharaohs
  • The contribution of the Nubians to the Late Period
  • Was Saite art original or just copies?

A warning to all students everywhere, don’t copy them. You will be found out and done for plagiarism. They now have electronic checkers that go through essays and if they find a quote from someone else that is not acknowledged you are in big, big trouble. It is just not worth it and anyway part of the fun is finding out for yourself and broadening your own knowledge. Also if you are thinking about doing an e-book yourself, do what I did and check with your university what their rules on copyright are.

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