My latest happy client – another author with 97 books!


Ever since I did Janis Susan May Patterson’s website I have been getting a constant stream of authors that she recommends me to. I ought to put her on commission. Every time she goes to a writers conference or in any internet group she sings my praises. I am getting quite good at them. What I do find with authors they have very definitive ideas on the look of their site. I guess it comes from doing all those book covers.

So when my latest author came along I was feeling quite confident I would be able to give her what she wanted. Just as well as she had 97 books. That is a lot of work, she wanted to move to a WordPress site and her current hosting company would not offer that, they also charged a ridiculous price nearly $20 a month so I recommend Siteground to her, $3.95 a month. Doing the website was a dream, we seemed to connect and our emails would cross with my suggesting something and her asking for the same thing.

I used my favourite free theme which is so flexible, Tempera. Once the design finished we then had to get the old company to give up their strangle hold on the domain name. First changing the DNS to point to the new host. As might be expected they were a nightmare. If fact their attitude was so bad she decided to transfer registrars immediately not even waiting for the expiry date. Getting the EPP code was a similar nightmare. I never understand why companies make this so hard, it is not going to make people recommend them or stay. Anyway we finally did it all.

She gave me a lovely reference on LinkedIn

Karen Rose Smith
Novelist–romance, women’s fiction and mysteries at Karen Rose Smith

Jane did a beautiful job of designing my website and helping me take appropriate action to move it to a new provider. She is prompt, responsive and easy to work with.

November 18, 2016, Karen was Jane’s client


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