J P Collin Artist Paris

Back in the day, 1981 to be precise I bought a picture at the  Place du Tertre . Could not afford it but liked it so much I went ahead. It was by an artist called J P Collin I bought some more over the years, the last in 1992. Imagine my surprise when Googling on the off chance I found he was mentioned with some of his work. I would love to learn more about him if anyone has info please email me

J P Collin

This was taken in 1993


  1. Hi Jane!
    Have you found anything interesting about JP Collins?
    My father had a painting, bought in Paris 1984. He passed away some years ago but he liked his picture very much and it’s still in the family. It would be nice to know some more about the artist!
    (I tried to google but only found links to auctions that were already closed, nothing about the artist himself.)
    Best regards,
    Helene, Gothenburg in Sweden

    • That is exactly my problem. I am hoping that putting the post up someone might comment with more information. I will certainly add a comment here if someone emails me

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