How to get a simple (and cheap) website.

Need a website for a reasonable price?

Example websiteRecently I have been building simple to medium websites for a number of clients. Some clients want websites to sell books, others to market pictures, still others a website promote their business. Having been maintaining my websites for a number of years I have gained a LOT of experience. Clients don’t want to spend lots of money on flashy designs and bandwidth hungry animations. They just want to have a presence on the web. They either haven’t got the time or the technical expertise to do their own website. That is where I come in.

I can build you a WordPress website for very little money because I am based in Egypt and charge local rates. I  am a UK IT professional of many years standing, check my LinkedIn profile.  I like to leave you empowered so you can make future changes yourself, so simple updates of prices and dates don’t cost you a penny.

This site cost the customer under $100 and this site was under $300 . I work on a time and materials basis so you pay me for hours worked and the cost of a paid theme or plugin like eStore.

We have a discussion about what you want and then we select a theme. You are responsible for your own domain selection and hosting, although I can assist you setting it up but I want you to have control over your own website so I like things in your name. I don’t encourage the use of as it limits the website see my blog post about this

Then you give me the text and images you want and I build the website site. I will use appropriate keywords and make it client orientated. I don’t use SEO tricks like meta keywords as Google are clamping down on these big time. It is about content, content is king in the SEO world.

Then I will advise you about linking to social media and talk you through making a simple change to a page. I am always here in the future should you need support.

PS if you need an Arabic website I can do that too, well actually I can’t but my Arabic son in law can.



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