Do you know anyone who wants a WordPress website.

Do you know anyone who wants a WordPress website.

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Let me explain, tourism is dire in Egypt. For five years there hardly been any tourists so I have been turning my hand to other things. As I blog, maintain my own websites and SEO I have been offering those services to others. I live in Egypt so I charge very low rates but as a UK professional for decades I am top quality 🙂 I found there is a market for people that need to get on the web like startup business, authors, painters and the like but have no money. They just need a 5 page website that showcases their work, gives contact details and where they can put out an occasional newsletter. The big boys aren’t interested in clients like these and charge far too much money. That is where I come in. I will build a simple website, linkable to social media and help them get blogging if they want, some just want a web presence.

So if you know anyone like that, a small business/person who needs a website, I would truly appreciate a recommendation. I can provide examples and references.

For hosting and domain registration I recommend Siteground and I have an affiliate link so please use that if you buy. The reason I recommend them is this survey impressive isnt it. My own personal experience with them is very positive as well

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