Backups, Software Updates and Hacker Protection

Backups, Software Updates and Hacker Protection

Don’t tear your hair out, get protection

Building a WordPress website is not the end of the story. Your site will be vulnerable to hackers without strong security protection and constant software updates. You should also take regular backups. If you haven’t got the time or the knowledge to do this yourself, I can do it for you. First I would do two different scans to make sure you are clear of infections and repair those found. Then I would add security to the site against future attacks. On a regular basis I will update your site with new software released by the developers. Lastly I will take regular backups.

Interested but worried about the price. Relax although I am a UK consultant I live in Egypt so can make my prices very competative. For only $15 a month you can have all this, I already have other clients using this service so can provide references from both the USA and UK

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