How old is your backup, have you even got one?


How often do you backup?

I recently had a disaster on my computer when an accidental knock meant I splashed water on my computer just when I had taken on 2 new clients.

I have a spare really, really slow computer so I could carry on working on but what about all my data especially emails.

Because of the unreliability of both electricity and internet in Egypt I download my emails from Gmail to Outlook on my laptop. I like Outlook as I have a really sophisticated folder system and it allows me to search on anything. The default place to store the pst file is in an obscure place in the systems files but I keep the pst file in a folder in My Documents. This folder like ALL my data is backed up every 10 minutes. Actually it is not a backup but a copy which means I can access each individual file easily. I use a product called Goodsync which analyses my files and this that have changed it copies to an external hard drive.

Like this

I suggest you get one which is the biggest you can buy but at least 3 times the size of your current data.

Good sync can be set up anyway you want, two way copy, one way copy, remove deleted files anything. Having accidentally deleted some files I didn’t mean too I don’t suggest you mirror deletions.

The initial copy can take a long time depending on how much data you have to backup but after that it works seamlessly in the background and when you have a disaster you know the most you have lost is, in my case, 10 minutes of data.

Or you can use any other backup system or software you like.

So I was able to whip my external back up off and transfer to my old PC and carry on working while the damaged one was fixed. I kept my emails on Gmail so when the laptop was fixed I would be able to download the emails.

The only thing I had neglected to do was backup my bookmarks. A task to sort out now I have got it back.

If you have a website have you arranged backups for it?

How often have you read in the papers about people losing precious memories so please backup, backup, backup.


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