Why you should always control your own hosting and domain registration

I know it is a pain sorting out a domain name and hosting but as the Conservative Party just found out leaving it in the control of someone else can backfire if you fall out.


So incensed was he by the Chancellor’s announcement that Graeme Ellis ditched his Tory party membership and took the entire website of the Conservative Disability Group offline. ‘The owner of the domain, who is no longer a member of the Group, has deactivated it without any instruction to do so’. He replaced it with a message that read: ‘This website is temporarily closed owing to Disability Cuts.


Most decent hosting companies will bend over backwards to help you get started so bite the bullet . I always encourage my clients to take ownership of their own domain name and hosting. I recommend Siteground and I have an affiliate link so please use that if you buy.

I recommend them because my own experience and industry surveys.

I had clients with a variety of hosting companies which were all pretty much the same. My own hosting company used to be great until it became part of the EIG family. Then one day a client came along that used Siteground. I could not believe the difference, helpful, co-operative, knowledgable and not working from a script designed to up sell! So the next client that asked for a recommendation I said Siteground. Again the contrast in customer service was amazing. The price was competitive.

Then I came across this  http://www.codeinwp.com/blog/wordpress-hosting-survey-results/ impressive isnt it.

That was it, I was a convert

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