About Me

Welcome to Jane Akshar’s page

You can find out all about me on this site whether you are interested in my website work, my books, a holiday at my apartments in Egypt, my family tree or you are just nosy.

I first got interested in Egyptology when I was 9, thanks to my lovely grandmother and it has been a thread through my life ever since. My first visit to Egypt was in 1979 and I moved to Luxor in 2003. Tourism is very quiet in Luxor so I have gone back to my original career, IT development and I develop UK quality websites at Egyptian rates!

There is only one Jane Akshar so yes I plead guilty to all of these

  • Chairman of PCG (Professional Contractors Group) with loads of TV and media appearences
  • Ex cult member whose late husband Ayman Akshar campaigned against ICOC
  • IT professional for over 20 years in banking and insurance sector
  • Married to Colin (divorced) Ayman(died) and Mahmoud(survived), mother of Amira
  • Egyptologist and writer, studied at Manchester Uni
  • Owner of 27 flats and 5 villas in Luxor Egypt which are rented to tourists/archaeologists for holidays and business under the Flats in Luxor brand
  • Born in the UK and living in Egypt with a South African grandfather
  • Co-wife with 5 adorable step kids
  • Became a granny to Mohammed Jude Alkorabi. on 24th August 2014

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