Where is the humanity?

4 Syrians look to the west for help

11855668_10204802300592916_2862223223808167514_nThere is no way to claim asylum except by illegal entry, this father thanks God his family survived a crossing in a tiny dinghy

11892227_950522198322279_2775587375060258468_nA respected scholar is murdered yet the west does nothing

11951191_10207679038559836_161155784752848318_nA mother supports her baby in the water after their boat has sunk

Abdul-and-ReemWith nowhere to leave his daughter to sleep a father carries her as he tries to sell pens to survive

Janis Susan May Patterson author with an Egyptian twist

I have to give a plug to Janis as she so kindly gave my business a plug The recent ARCE newsletter carries an interview with Janis and a preview of her latest book. “Publishing simultaneously under four pseudonyms, the author shares her deep passion for Egypt and writing and then…

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