Old Egyptian Tourism Posts + Cross Stitch

I have a big collection of old tourism posts, over 60 of them and decided to make three of then into a cross stitch.

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Now I made a big mistake and did not send the company a really good high def picture so it you decided to do the same please spend time and trouble on getting the image right otherwise the chart you get sent is not much good. At times I had to get our graph paper and redraw!

The company I used http://www.stitchyourphoto.com have a variety of options your can pick and i went for a colour chart, no half stitches or outlines and all the threads.

This is the picture ! sent them


and this is the finished product, you can see I had to adjust a lot


You can see the progress i made, I did take 3 months off to learn crochet, I started in Aug and finished Feb.

I am really please with the finished result wish I had sent them a decent photo to get a decent chart.

If you want to have a go this looks like a good book


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