New Releases from AUC added to my Amazon store

I have added 2 new books to my Amazon store under the category specials in response to this email from Dominique Navarro 

Dear friends,
Egypt’s crisis has been painful to follow. It’s difficult to stay optimistic and hopeful when so many people are suffering and the news conveys such deepening despair.

Like many people, my Egyptian colleagues and friends struggle to move forward with life and their work despite the turmoil. Thus with great persistence, American University in Cairo Press has just announced the release of several new publications including two new Nature Foldouts in our series: Ancient Egypt’s Wildlife and Egypt’s Prehistoric Fauna (featuring dinosaurs, ancient whales, and other species unique to Egypt).


In creating these new publications, I had the privilege to work with two incredible scientific consultants: renowned Egyptologist Dr. Salima Ikram,founder/co-director of the Animal Mummy project at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo; and Paleontologist Dr. Matthew Lamanna, of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, whose team discovered the fossils of one of the largest dinosaurs in the world—the sauropod Paralititan stromeri—in the Western Desert of Egypt in 2000. We are all very excited about the new Nature Foldouts which are filled with unique, fantastic information and artwork which I’m very proud of.

I would greatly appreciate your pre-order of copies from Amazon, which are currently being shipped to the US from Cairo:

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