Hidden Luxor

Hidden LuxorHidden Luxor

This unique book is a distillation of everything I love about Luxor, why I had to move here and why I have never got tired of visiting the sites. So much more than a guide book, every site in Luxor described, suggest itineraries, advice and lots more. How to enjoy the sites, avoid the crowds and get off the beaten track.

Hidden Luxor is primarily aimed at people who are visiting Luxor for the second time. They will have done the normal tourist trail: Valley of the Kings, Queens, Hatshepsut, Karnak and Luxor temple, and now want to know what else there is to see.

The aim of this book is to tempt you back to those places, to remind you what you saw (or give a description for the first time visitor), to the places and sites you didn’t see and to other new places, to see the Hidden Luxor. There are 24 ticketed sites in Luxor and this book will help you decide which ones YOU want to visit, study and see. You shouldn’t think that the West Bank consists of just three sites and that you can speed round and see it all in a day. If you were to see every site properly, you would need at least an estimated seven full days; so this book will help you plan your time effectively.

If you are the sort of person who wants a bit more out of a holiday than a guide shouting “20 minutes and back on the bus” then Hidden Luxor is definitely for you.

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