Counting the Cost

Front coverCounting the Cost of Cult Membership

Ayman and Jane Akshar were members of a cult for 7 years, recruited separately, her from a successful business career and him from post graduate studies. For seven years they obeyed the cult, why? They met each other and married in the cult? They had their daughter in the cult? Then they saw the light and became anti cult campaigners. This is their story, a story of deceit, half truths and manipulation.

Then Ayman died and Jane was left to pick up the pieces and move on. She remarried, moved to Egypt, set up a tourism business and finally converted to Islam. This is her story too.

Why do people join cults?

What makes someone abandon their family to join a religious cult?

How can an intelligent person be sucked into a religious cult?

How do you move on after a bereavement?

What makes someone leave Islam?

What makes some join Islam?

Do you have someone in a religious cult, a friend or a relative and want to understand their motivation and what you can do to help?

In 1993 the BBC ran a radio program called Relative Values on the Akshars, detailing their membership of the cult London Church of Christ. In Counting the Cost during the first half of the book describes events in the audio in more detail, recruitment into a cult, membership of the London Church of Christ, meeting each other, dating and marriage in the cult. The second half of the book tells what happened next. The anti cult movement, marriage dynamics, cancer, PCG, Ayman’s death and finally Jane’s move to Egypt and embracing Islam. This fascinating story of two religious journeys in opposite directions will enthrall you.

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If you want to listen to the radio program, it is on YouTube

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