Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and big, big thanks)

Happy Christmas from Jane, Mahmoud and all at Flats in Luxor.

This year has been hugely challenging for us, at times I didn’t think we would make it through the year. Our tourism business has reduced to almost zero. We have reduced costs where we could but have managed to keep 3 members of staff; Little Mohamed, Hajaj and Mohamed at Goubli. All our other people we had to let go. By moving in members of the family we cover Goubli and the Village at night and Mahmoud’s father looks after Gezera. However other costs we have had to pay like water, electricity, internet and phone, hugely challenging at times. The article in Take a Break paid a big electricity bill, thank God. Book sales totalled nearly £800 for the year, that was a huge help so please continue to share about my books.

But the biggest help has been generous friends who sent us money, we literally could not have lived without this. My insulin costs are enormous by Egyptian standards and no way would we have been able to cover them with out these generous gifts. We thank you all so much.

On a personal front my beautiful daughter has married her Syrian cousin and moved to Damascus. A serious worrying situation but she is as happy as a sand boy and enjoying her new family.

We hope and pray that 2014 is a better year for us and all in Egypt, please do encourage your friends to visit the country. Everyone who has come has had a wonderful time, no problems or worries and of course, please encourage them to stay with us.

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