Memories of Alec Anthon

Just got this wonderful email


Dear Jane,

I knew your father! Over Christmas I was thinking of past times in Trieste, as one does.  Alec sprang into my mind and stayed. Today, for some extraordinary reason I put his name into Google  – and there is your website.  I knew him in Trieste (Italy) – and there he is in one of your photographs wearing army uniform, on his shoulder the Trieste emblem of a gazelle (the one with his parents and brother).  He was a lovely man. The memory of him is vivid

I was in Forces Broadcasting in Trieste – Alec, in the I. Corps,   joined us for radio plays. This is roughly 1950/51 and again when I returned to Trieste as a War Department Civilian 1952/53. I have one huge wonderful memory in 1953 when Alec told me he had never been to Venice.  I had been there and said “I’m going to take you” – and we did and had the loveliest day.  I remember it so well.

Our paths afterwards never seemed to cross – but in my mind he remains as one of the very best people I ever met.

I know of a Google link for you to find other I.Corps people who would have known him in Trieste.  If you would like it, I will forward to you.

But just for now I cannot tell you the thrill I have had of seeing your pictures and your stories.  The sad news is that he died before we could meet again.

What a thrill you have given me.


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