Living the dream

Today was one of the those days that just reminds me why I love being in Egypt

  1. It started with a trip to the Carter House for the official opening of the new Tutankhamun replica. while we were waiting for the minister to arrive I met met old friends including Salim Ikram and Elena  Pischikova plus her daughter Katherine.
  2. I was told by Barbara Clark the tourism minister wanted to meet a Western lady living on the west bank, having introduced myself he asked for my ideas
  3. The food was brill
  4. Met a new guest who although a regular to Egypt has never stayed on the west bank and she brought me gin
  5. Had a wonderful meal from chef with my guest while we were waiting a stranger arrived bring me a Marmite present that his lovely daughter had bought in thanks for a picture I sent


Egypt is the best place in the world, brill things happen

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