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What religion am I now?


My religious life has been very complicated. When I was growing up I attended Church of England with my Dad, Mum couldn’t be bothered. Dad was very religious and attended morning and evening services, sang in the choir taught Sunday school etc.


I was confirmed when I was about 14.


However I had a problem, they didn’t seem excited about their church or their religion. It didn’t translate into their daily lives. My dad was always having affairs. I longed for a religion like I read in Little Women.


I carried on attending, often early morning services by myself but still not getting anything out of it.


In 1986 I was coming home on the tube and was met by members of the London Church of Christ. I went to Bible study with them and got baptised 30th May 1986. I was  a member for 7 years but in 1993 both my husband Ayman Akshar and I were thrown out because we criticised their abusive practises on TV. Ayman had converted from Islam to join the church as described in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuPz8-qziOU although subsequently, after his death, I have my doubts about the sincerity of that conversion.


When we left the church I did not attend anything, too bruised and battered by the experience but I did still believe in God. Ayman died in 2002 and I remarried an Egyptian. So in 2003 I moved to Egypt. There surrounded by Muslims I got curious about Islam. I started reading the Koran. Now I knew from my extensive Bible reading whilst in the church that Jesus had never said he was the son of God. That was later said about him mainly by St Paul who has a lot to answer for. I also knew that there were many books excluded from the cannon as they went against accepted church teaching. I started reading a LOT. After 6 years I decided that Mohammed was a prophet and as I already believed in God that probably meant I was a Muslim. I told my husband Mahmoud Jahlan that I wanted to convert. He knew about my rough passage and didn’t want me to convert for him but because I really believed. So I waited until the spring of 2010 and went to Al Ahzar mosque. So now I am Muslim, not a very good one at times but none the less a Muslim

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