Henry Akshar

Old Photos 404

My daughter and I were remembering Henry Akshar. She wrote “the story of Henry Akshar is when I was about 7 my parents ordered an entire piglet for some occasion I can’t remember. It was also around the time that Babe came out. The pig was already to go in the oven the next day and a snippet of the news came on saying lots of children had chosen to become vegetarian they didn’t want to eat “Babe”. I obviously did not want to be someone who ate Babe and on the spot swore to be a vegetarian. My mother, who was very supportive of my decision, explained that meant no more KFC, bacon butties, lamb chops etc. I immediately retracted my oath and renamed said piggy to Henry just in case anyone asked the name of the little guy. Then I wouldn’t be guilty of eating Babe.”

Old Photos 356The occasion was Christmas and I had ordered this expensive suckling pig (current prices £90) 8 weeks in advance as a big treat. Then the Christmas film schedules came out and the film of the season was Babe. There were loads of reports of children refusing to eat bacon and pork as a result. But my lovely pragmatic daughter did not let me down.

Old Photos 357These are some very old photos taken at that time.

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