Growing an avocado from stone to tree with fruit

201404 (2)Hurrah I have done it, just have to wait now and see if the fruit tastes good. It took 7 years and I did not bother with toothpicks, no fancy fertilizer either. It was good Egyptian sun and soil.  Last year I got flowers but no fruit and this year I have my first fruit on the tree.

I started with 6 avocados I bought in a supermarket in Cairo. I planted them all but only 4 grew. Two were planted in a very sunny spot at Goubli Flats in Luxor and 2 in a shady place at Al Gezera. The ones in full sun have done best and one is about 25ft high. But it is one next to it, about 15ft high that has fruited. 201404 (3)

Apparently it will take anything between 8 and 18 months for these fruits to get to their proper size. So when you come and stay at Flats in Luxor after this autumn with a bit of luck we will be offering guacamole!201404

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