Fantastic Review for Jane’s Jaunt

A totally honest review from this reader who wrote to me as well

Hi I just had to send you a message to congratulate you on your books, in particular ‘Jane’s Jaunt’ I have been absolutely enthralled with this and I have left 5 star reviews on, and to spread the word about this excellent book. Please use my review on your website for more publicity if you like. Will you be writing more? eg. more recent adventures now that you have been living in Egypt so many years? Please let me know if so because I would love to read more. Congratulations again and best wishes to you and all your family x

This is the second of Jane Akshar’s books that I have read. The first one was quite a short one, ‘Jane Goes To Egypt’. This book is a much more substantial read with so much information. The book is really a copy of an online blog that Jane wrote for her friends and family in the first year she moved to live in Egypt and married an Egyptian man. It is a very intimate portrait, highly detailed, thank you so much Jane for letting us take such an intensive look into your life and family. When I reviewed Jane’s other book, I perhaps downmarked her a bit for the spelling mistakes and, in this book, there are certainly some more of them but they didn’t seem to matter so much this time because the content was so extensive and a real joy to read. I looked up many things on Jane’s website whilst I was reading the book to get even more of a feel for it all and there she mentions that the book appears just as her blog was then, so it would seem more ‘real’ rather than re-hashing it etc. I feel it really works and, where I’m usually quite critical if mistakes the book really made up for it in other ways. There are many photos in this book and very good quality too. I loved the writing about the foods that they eat in Egypt and how they are cooked. Jane’s passion for Egypt really comes across in this book as does her personality. She seems a really nice person who just wants to show you how beautiful Egypt is, so enthusiastic. We get to know so much about the cultural differences in this book and the foods, all well described. I read this book quite avidly, just wanting to know more, I didn’t want it to end and I would certainly read more of Jane’s writing. I liked the diary style format of the book, really easy to read and follow. This book has kept me enthralled. It’s something different: you read many memoirs of people who have moved out to Spain, France, Italy etc. but I haven’t heard of many, or any in fact who have made Egypt their home. In it there’s a good variety of subjects and a concise style. I really felt I had been taken on a wonderful trip all the time I was reading and I learned so much, so much more than you could learn just by going on a holiday. All this book has been really interesting, honest, intimate, Jane introduces you into her family. In these early years we are told how Jane and her husband built and developed holiday flats in Luxor and now these have become really successful which Jane thoroughly deserves. I like how Jane and her family make guests welcome, taking them out for meals and taking them on sightseeing trips rather than just providing a place to stay in for the duration of a holiday. Involved more closely with guests and I like that. So much in it, absolutely fascinating. Don’t miss it!

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