Dummies Guide to Talking Gina

I thought I was loading a nice simple free game for a child only to find no instructions for Talking Gina and it was constantly trying to get me to buy things. What a rip off, any way I have persevered and finally worked out how to play the game.

Without paying money!

Talking Gina  How to play Gina without money and win!

Aim of the Game

The aim is to make Gina 100% happy and unveil her babies. This is baby no 2



Talking Gina Starting Up

If you talk to her she talks back, just repeats what you said.

On the way to making her 100% happy when you get to 70% you can give her a helium balloon and then she talks back in a falsetto voice. Press the balloon button and then talk

When you get to 90% and press the kiss button she will kiss you

Talking GinaWhen you get to 100% you get a baby picture. You can get 10 of these. So far I have got 2 without paying anything. 21/4/14 We are now up to 15 Talking Gina babies and there seems to be lots more, still haven’t paid any money!!!!!!

How to make her happy

If you press the babies dummy she will tell you what she wants or show you pictures of the babies you have collected.

If you press or tap her that makes her unhappy and then the scale goes down.

If you stroke (start at the edge of the screen) then this makes her happy

If you feed her carrots, ice cream or strawberries it makes her happy. You only get so many ice cream and strawberries per day and this is where they try and get you to buy the. Be patient and wait

It you offer her drinks it makes her happy same applies to lemonade as above.

If you play the clapping game pattercake with her it makes her happy, this game is impossible IMHO. I think you are supposed to tap at the same time her hoof touches the screen. I get the occasional green circle but always seem to miss several.

Talking Gina

I have found that stroking her, feeding her carrots and water stops making her happy after a while but the ice cream, strawberries and lemonade always work. So do stroking her, feeding her carrots and water first until they stop and then feed the ice cream, strawberries and lemonade then you can hit 100%. If you can manage the pattercake do that first


Hope that helps

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