Crochet from a beginner

My mum was a fantastic knitter and crochet but she was also left handed so was never able to teach me. Sewing, embroidery were no problem but I could not get the hang of knitting. When I was in my 20’s a girl at work taught me knitting.

So here I am 60 and still cant crochet. One of my guests offered to show me how. She bought me some easy to hold and use hooks. If anyone wants the hooks that I used (with those easy to hold handles) one of my mates actually sell them

So I start and after just a couple of days I can do a granny square. I am amazed how easy it was. You can watch to development of my skills. I managed a waistcoat in 17 days! I really recommend you have a go.


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These are the videos I used and there are even left hand versions.

1) the most useful to get started

2) How to add a border

3) how to join strands and tuck tails

4) triangles

5) foundation chains

6) Shell edging

7) a tie chain

8) magic circle

9) interweave


I decided to join the squares by sewing, I have a load of cut strands from tapestry and it used them up and it made a flatter neater join than crocheting one.


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