Cllr Beryl Anthon #tbt

013This was the proudest day of my mothers life. Taken at Buckingham Palace at the garden party. She had been invited because of her work in the local community. She was a local Councillor, Chairman of the Council, chairman of various local charities, school governor of several schools. Loads and loads of voluntary roles and a real local character.

Getting invited to the garden party was the highlight of her life but at the same time a tad disappointing. She liked weak tea and when this was requested was told, “it all comes out of the same urn love”. There were hundreds of people there as well. Not quite china teapots with the Queen being mum. But still she got to see the Queen and the royal family. She deserved it, she gave her life to the community. She died in 1986, she never saw my daughter and some many significant events in my life.

We had a family joke, from the Messiah, when they sing Counselor Wonderful we used to say they were singing to her. When she died my dad and I wanted something special and unique on her head stone. So if you go to St Andrews church Burgess Hill and look along the crematory stones, you will find Councillor Wonderful inscribed on her stone.

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